Timberdoodle Review|Natural World Workshop, Art by Numbers

I’m here today with another Timberdoodle review!

img_3337The Natural World Workshop, Art by Numbers set is part of the 2nd Grade Curriculum kit but is listed for ages 7-13 on the actual box. I was excited to review this product because, as I’ve said before, I struggle finding art activities JP wants to explore. And I don’t want to force him – wouldn’t that negate the idea of homeschooling? I love the freedom that comes with allowing him to study and pursue ideas he’s passionate about.

dsc07177I’ll start off with the one (and only) thing I wasn’t crazy about. When you open the (beautifully decorated) box, you’ll find a small “instructional” booklet. Maybe I’m highlighting my ignorance when it comes to art, but I felt like there should have been written directions. There are color palates on the side of each page, but no numbers on the picture. I’m not gonna lie, it took me a minute (or twelve) to figure out what to do. 

dsc07182The upside to this downside is that my thirteen year old son immediately knew what to do. If you use this with older kids, disregard this portion of my review. Parents of younger children, this is your “heads up.”


dsc07185There are many things I loved about the activity:

  • The pictures are beautiful. There are four scenes for you to paint. We chose the ocean first because we LOVE the ocean!
  • The “pages” are very sturdy. Even if your student gets a little trigger-happy with the paint, you won’t have an issue with the colors bleeding through.
  • The paint dries very quickly! This is a major plus for obvious reasons.
  • The paint is tidy and comes in a container that is easy for even the smallest hands to use. I was also a fan of the brush – not too big, not too small. As Goldlocks might say, it was just right! 

dsc07179JP says to tell you that he “liked it and thought the colors were nice.” He also asked if there were “more complicated designs.” Personally, I thought the designs were just “complicated” enough. Younger students would likely lose interest if it was any more detailed.

dsc07188Now, if you don’t mind, I’d love to share some thoughts from a different perspective. On this day, I was working at the table while JP painted. When I finished up what I had to do, I got up to get dinner. I told him that all he had to do was the one ocean picture. He said, “it’s okay, mom, I don’t mind doing all of them.” Not only is this a review in and of itself, but it made this momma so happy. 

I think most of you are aware but, for those who might be new here, JP has extreme ADHD. I know that the Natural World Workshop is part of the 2nd grade curriculum kit, but it is a very calming activity for any child who has trouble focusing and holding still. Later, when I came back in the room, he had music playing quietly and was painting away.

If asked to describe this kit in one word, therapeutic comes to mind.

*This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own*


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