Timberdoodle Review|99 Stories I Could Tell

The weather was beautiful this afternoon. We took our lesson to a blanket in the front yard. 99 Stories I Could Tell is part of the 9th grade curriculum kit with Timberdoodle.

We don’t typically “do school” during the summer months, but 99 Stories is hardly work. It’s more like a journal full of writing + illustration prompts. “Nathan” explains how everything works in the first ten-ish pages.

Chronologically, JP is a rising eighth grader. I was anxious to see what he thought. He’s never thrilled with anything that involves writing. He gave the book “three out of five stars” (high praise coming from JP). If it doesn’t involve slime, you’re not going to get a five star review out of him!

Unless you have a love for writing, and let’s face it most kids don’t, handing a student a pencil and blank sheet of paper is rarely productive. Even the most creative students have trouble expressing themselves. This picture shows how the author not only gives a topic, but three different prompts to get them started. You’ll find prompts like these throughout the book. As a teacher and a parent, I love this!

dsc07606There are ninety nine lines at the end for your child to write down titles of the stories they want to write. Obviously, the book is designed to be studied over a period of time. It’s a perfect tool for overlapping subjects by encouraging students to write about history, science, etc.

99 Stories I Could Tell is the perfect addition to your homeschool curriculum. I do feel the material would also be appropriate for upper elementary and middle school. My nephew is super creative and loves to journal. He’s in the fourth grade and has filled out several of the pages. 

Thank you, Timberdoodle, for consistently putting out high quality material!

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