Jackson’s First Trip to the Ocean

Someone please show me a girl who would not kill for these eyelashes!

Contrary to the look on his face, he did not hate the water. He did hate the way the sand disappears from under your feet with the tide. I don’t blame him. (Oh hey, Prodoh Kids! Thanks for keeping the babe in style!)

Our trip didn’t exactly go as planned. Our dream “luxury” oceanfront hotel room wasn’t dreamy or luxurious. We ended up leaving and booking a room at another hotel. It wouldn’t have been the worst thing except this was a work trip. We had our media content planned out for Isle of Palms. Leaving the area caused us to completely re-plan our days.

First world problems, I know. Thankfully we knew just where to go…

Hotel Indigo in Mount Pleasant swooped in to save the trip!

Jackson was thrilled with the comfy beds! Since it was 400+ degrees outside, we spent a considerable amount of time in our room. I was thankful for the comfy beds too.

The pool is beautiful with plenty of shade for pale-skin babies, and tired, overheated mamas.

If you’re a parent (or grandparent) and haven’t purchased this book for your kiddo, it’s a MUST! The story is a “spin off” of Goodnight Moon and the perfect book for South Carolina lovers! Jackson loved the colorful pictures.

We are headed back to our new favorite oasis this week. Stay tuned for a FULL review!

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