I’m Back…

I didn’t go anywhere. Physically, anyway. In my mind I’ve been a thousand miles away.

I turned off social media for a few days. Four to be exact. It was just what I needed. I didn’t mean to take a break from here, it just sorta happened.

I needed a pause. Desperately.

I needed to stop scrolling through Facebook, reading all the articles about Covid-19. I needed to stop worrying over how in the world schools would re-open this fall. I needed to climb out of the political rabbit hole.

I needed more of this.

I needed more time by the pool with friends and family. (Even if it did rain on us almost every time!) I needed to float in the water and stare at the blue sky with Kenny Chesney radio. I needed to start the new book I bought a couple of weeks ago.

I needed a pause.

But I’m back now. I feel (somewhat) refreshed.

Stay tuned…

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