Best Day Ever

God gave us a gift today. Well, by the time you read this, yesterday.

We didn’t pack swimsuits this year. The air is way too cold for swimming. You know how it goes with kids though. They “accidentally” get wet and it’s down hill from there.

We decided to spend the day in Huntington Beach State Park. We love the beach area. The sand is soft and fluffy and white. The beach is usually deserted, compared to other places.

It’s peaceful.

However, on this day, we had tons of company. One minute Preston was running solo through the surf and the next he had a pod of dolphins following him!

I was so stunned I didn’t even take photos. I’m a little sorry I didn’t capture the moment, but I’m also glad I was present to take it all in.

I’ve never seen anything like it. There were six or seven of them. Surfing the waves, jumping all the way out of the water and circling around.

Afterwards, he told my mom that he “thanked God for letting him see the dolphins.”

I did too. God knew we needed a little “pick me up,” and boy did He provide!

I hope all of you have an amazing and relaxing Thanksgiving!

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