Christmas Flavors at Dunkin

I’m only here for a minute. It’s Sunday night at 11:48pm. I’ve been awake since 4am and I’m exhausted. When my alarm goes off in the morning at 6am I may say a cuss word or four.

Sometimes being a writer stinks. There are nights when my brain will not turn off.

The main thing I need you to know is Dunkin Donuts has launched their holiday flavors.

Preston is a BIG fan of the sugary, sweet Snowflake donut! And that’s me with the Gingerbread Latte. Run, run as fast as you can to get yours before Christmas!

A huge thank you to Dunkin + PivotPR for always taking such good care of us. You guys are so sweet! Pun intended.


We had a pretty chill weekend.

Preston snagged this beautiful rose for his mom from our friends at Fields South Friday…

… while Jackson sat and played in the rocks.

Sunday was church + Mexican food. Both make my heart so happy!

Stay tuned for more recycled posts from my blog circa 2007. I’ve enjoyed reading through them and can’t wait to share more!

Okay, okay. It’s now 12:07 am and I’m officially dead.

Sweet dreams, friends!

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