Happy New Year!

Happy 2021!!

I’m sure it was different this year, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Ours was pretty great. Having Jackson around every day helped thrust us into the spirit.

Seeing everything thru his eyes was magical.

We’re back into the swing of things this week. Although the break was nice – and much needed – I missed our routine. And honestly the house was just too quiet!

I’ve set a few goals for 2021. Nothing major.

1) I want to spend more time outdoors. We do a pretty good job, but these days nature is one of the few things that hasn’t been taken from us. I plan to take full advantage. JP is my Hiking, mountain lover and Preston is the beach bum. You’re going to see us on lots of trails and sandy beaches this year! Makes me smile just thinking about it.

2) I’m going to try and read thru the Bible. I’ve never attempted it before. I love devotionals and writing in prayer journals, but reading the Bible has never come naturally. I’m super inconsistent. 2021 is the perfect year to spend more time in scripture.

That’s it.

Told you it wasn’t major.

Happy New Year from our little tribe!

Stay tuned…

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