The Biltmore Estate

We took a road trip to the Biltmore Estate last week. Preston was the only one who’d not been.

“I’ve always wanted to walk around in an actual castle,” he said. His imagination ran wild.

This was my first time seeing the Christmas decorations. Each room was magical + breathtaking.

The Library reminded me of the one in Beauty and the Beast. My favorite room.

The kids couldn’t believe there was a pool AND a bowling alley inside…

We had lunch at the Stable Cafe. The booths were actual horse stalls when it was a working Stable in the 1800’s.

I probably don’t need to tell you how the salmon melted in my mouth.

There’s so much we didn’t have time to do. We’re already planning to go back! Being in the mountains, JP was in heaven all day. Who knew there was a farm and so many hiking trails?!

Hands on history for the win!

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