1,000 Hours Outside

Recently I discovered two social media accounts that are going to change our lives.

@1000hoursoutside + @runwildmychild. Stop what you’re doing – well, when you finish reading this post – and check them out!

Each kiddo has a chart that they color in every hour they spend outdoors. And I have one too!

I’m also reading a book called, The Last Child in the Woods. It talks all about how kids these days are missing out on everything nature has to offer (adults too). I think we do a pretty good job, but there’s always room for improvement.

In the middle of such a weird time, I’m amazed at what our kids are learning.

Add in massive amounts of sunshine + fresh air, and we have a well educated group of fourth (and eighth) graders!

There’s gonna be plenty of sunshine for you to enjoy this weekend!


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