When You’re Studying Poetry…

The 4th graders are studying poetry. The PERFECT reason for us to visit the Carl Sandburg Home.

Jackson loved throwing rocks off the bridge into the water. He was thrilled with me when I told him it was time to go. Do you hear the sarcasm in my voice?

Unfortunately, the house and farm are closed. I’m keeping a close eye on the website, because we really want to experience the house tour.

The goats are always a crowd pleaser.

Before you go:

As I said, the house, gift shop and farm are not open. The trails are anxious to accommodate hikers and the mountain air is worth the drive from Greenville (or anywhere for that matter).

The bathrooms at the entrance (bottom of the hill before you cross the bridge) are closed, but the ones at the top (across from the house) are open. And very clean, I might add. Thank you, National Park Service.

I also want to tell you about an amazing deal through the National Park Service. If there is a 4th grader in your home, hop over to this site and sign up for your FREE pass!

The offer is good through August 2021.

It’s been a busy week, but these seventy degree, sunshiny days are giving me LIFE!

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