British Camp Trail + Horse Shoe Falls

I’ll apologize in advance for overloading you with blog posts. We’re back to adventuring which means there will be an abundance of photos to dump in the coming months.

British Camp Trail is one of the two trails on the property at Musgrove Mills Historic Site. It’s a beautiful walk. I even managed – not always pretty – with a small stroller.

Having said that, a few minutes into the hike, there is a significant “drop” in elevation. For serious hikers, that statement is super dramatic because it’s a (very) simple trail. Parents with strollers and new-to-walking-toddlers should take note. If we do it again, I do plan on wearing Jackson in a hiker’s pack. At least for the first part.

Young kiddos will have no trouble with the hike. The trail is fairly smooth and runs along the Enoree River.

Most of you have heard of – or been – to Musgrove Mill. If you haven’t, you really should go. The museum + visitor’s center is fascinating. Say hello to very clean bathrooms – complete with a changing table for the babies.

The rangers are ready to assist you and give you a refresher course on the Revolution! Preston’s ready to apply for a job.

Due to Covid, the tours are not running. Visitors are encouraged to grab a selection of self-guided brochures. They even have a “Hide and Seek” one for toddlers (their job is to check off when they see a bird, butterfly, spider, etc). So cute!

Today, we decided to check out Horseshoe Falls too. It’s a short drive down the road.

In 1780, Edward Musgrove allowed British Loyalists to use the land for a hospital during the Revolutionary War.

“Stay out of the water! I didn’t bring towels, so we’re not getting wet,” I said as we exited the car. Turns out, Tom and Huck have selective hearing.

If you’re not up for the hike, no worries. Park yourself on the benches and enjoy the therapeutic sounds of the water. Couldn’t we all use a little more therapy these days?!?

The walk from the parking lot is short, simple, and paved. Extremely accessible for anyone with physical challenges. Or anyone exhausted from hiking the Musgrove trails with four kids!

Now’s a good time to remind you to visit the SC State Parks site and purchase a Park Passport. Get the YELLOW one. If you ask me, it’s the best deal – an investment for you and your family.


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