Weekend State of Mind

This weekend was full of all the things I love. It began with Friday morning breakfast with dad and Jackson. Aka, Jack + Jack šŸ˜

Then, I hopped over to another favorite Greenville spot – the Swamp Rabbit Cafe + Grocery – to visit my friends’ flower car.

Altho, let’s be honest. I was really there to log hours with Miss Linen James. The baby’s not included, but you can order up SWEET smelling flowers by following Fields South on their Instagram page, @shoppefieldssouth

Saturday morning I met my oldest, dearest friend at Stax (two days in a row, yay!) before heading up the mountain for a quick girls’ getaway.

It was nice to get away for a minute. Highland Lake Inn & Resort is quiet and relaxing. Sunday morning I slept in until almost 9 am. It was heavenly.

Sunday, we spent time walking around Bonclarken dreaming of camp days gone by.

And hoping things one day go back to normal.

I came back rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle another week with the kids!

Happy Monday!

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