Geo’s Golf: Swinging Through Greenville

I’m ashamed to say, I had to email my friend, Jessie, over at the museum to ask who GEO was.

In case you’re wondering, he’s the museum mascot – the bright, colorful GEOmetric shape on the front lawn. How did I not know this?!?

Geo’s Golf: Swinging Through Greenville opened at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate Saturday, May 1st. The traveling exhibit is on the third floor, taking the place of the Great Outdoors exhibit.

Friday morning, (before it opened on Saturday), Preston and I had the opportunity to check it out. In his words, “It was fun and I definitely want to go back.”

Each hole represents a piece of the Upstate we all know and love – the Blue Ridge Mountains, Swamp Rabbit Trail, and the Greenville Drive (pictured above).

Visitors grab a club and (tiny tennis) ball. The tennis balls were my favorite part – so clever!

Homeschool moms won’t have a hard time coming up with goals and objectives for the day. Reading (signs everywhere), history (learn all about the history of golf in our community), science (force + friction), and math (adding up your score). Not to mention, PE!

To compliment the creatively constructed nine holes, there’s a life size golf cart. I know an eighteen month old Jackson who’s gonna love this part. He loves to “dribe!”

You’ve done it again, TCMU! Thanks for setting us up with an early tee time!

See you again soon!

* Click here to buy your timed entry tickets, required for both Greenville + Spartanburg locations.

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