What Fills Your Cup?

These photos bring actual tears to my eyes.

I’ve written about the bond these two share. If you know, you know.

“Give Bubba a kiss,” I said.

Once upon a time, JP would have moved his head far away from Jackson. (No offense, he doesn’t want to kiss anybody).

Now, he leans in and actually let’s him touch his cheek with his sweet little toddler mouth.

Gosh I love them.

What (or who) fills your cup?

I’m working on a blog post about the current heaviness of the world + how I’m making changes to adapt + protect my mental health.

I’m intentionally loving my family harder, prioritizing/removing things from my plate, and being more selective with how I spend my time.

The pandemic hit hard from a financial and job stand point. It thrusted me into an unexpected season of life.

A beautifully difficult season of life.

My eyes have been opened to pockets of love within my family I didn’t know existed.

Jackson + JP are a big part of that.

My cup runneth over.

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