Extract Labs Is Saving Our Mental Health

That title is a pretty bold statement, but it’s true. Extract Labs is where we get JP’s CBD. My sister has used them for a long time. It seemed logical to order from the same place. Plus, their prices are great!

Owned by Army veteran, Craig Henderson, Extract Labs is located in Boulder, Colorado. I encourage you to read his story here. Being a military family, obviously this was the first thing we loved about the company. 🇺🇸 (You can read about the company here).

Why CBD? Because it works! Plain and simple. I knew I wanted to take JP off his medications once puberty hit. Even his doctor said that the psychosomatic drugs tend to have the opposite effect once hormones kick in. (Especially Prozac).

I began noticing a change in JP’s demeanor + attitude when he turned thirteen. He was irritable and angry, but changing our medicinal routine was not something I looked forward to. We didn’t start there.

Switching up his screen time seemed like the best place to start. It helped some, but not much. I know teenagers are mouthy and attitudinal (not personally, I was always so kind and sweet as a young girl 😆), but what we were experiencing was not normal.

JP was taking Ritalin for focus, Intuniv for ADHD, and Prozac for anxiety. After about six months of no real change, I began to wean him off everything.

One year later, it’s the best decision I’ve EVER made. He’ll tell you the same thing. When he was taking Prozac, he would say things like, “I don’t feel like I have a place in this world.” After being on CBD, he tells me, “my brain feels quiet.” (That sounds theatrical, but I promise those were his exact words).

Please understand I’m not telling anyone to stop taking medication. I’m fully aware there are diagnoses that require medications. And I’m definitely not a doctor or scientist. I’m only sharing how CBD has changed our lives for the better. Do your own research. I’m also telling you that if you decide to try CBD, Extract Labs is the place to go.

The company’s copywriter contacted me and asked if they could share our story. “Absolutely,” I said. You can read that here.

They were genuinely interested in who JP is as a person – apart from his autism. I shared how he loves brain games, stuffed animals, science, and his obsession with foxes.

Last week I got an email asking for our address. “We want to send JP a few things.”

Cue the tears cause this mama’s crying. Obviously you won’t find these items in their inventory. Someone took the time to find and purchase them for JP.

Need I say more? This is the type company I want my family to associate with. In JP’s words, “they must be really nice people.”

I agree.

Thanks for everything Extract Labs! We’re looking forward to a bright (anxiety free-ish) future with you!

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