Something To Celebrate

I don’t typically share a post after attending a birthday party, but these pics are too cute not to share.

Linen James Runion turned ONE and she was really happy about it! Well, I’m pretty sure she had no ideashe’s just always happy.

Fields South rolled in next to the party table, making everything bright + beautiful. (Don’t forget to follow them on IG to see where they’re popping up next!)
The smash cake was a literal smash!
The adults smashed their treats too!

I cannot handle the following photos. Honestly, it’s the whole reason I’m publishing this post. Poppy + Nana (Mike + Gail) bought Linen THE MOST precious tricycle. Her reaction was PRICELESS!

Gail added flowers from her garden to the basket.
I wish I could post the video – she was squealing!
If Linen could talk, she’d be thanking Poppy + telling him how excited she was! If this one doesn’t end up in a frame…
Lovely Linen + beautiful Blake – little garden babies

I know it was a first birthday party, but we were also celebrating mom + dad!

Congratulations on your little family! Linen is blessed to have you two as parents. I can’t wait to watch her grow!

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