JP Turned 15

Love is driving to the Woodruff Road Target the week of your birthday to pick up a Roblox NERF gun with a tired baby in tow. You’re welcome, boo. Actually, now that I think about it, love is driving to Woodruff Rd. Period.

JP’s had the best birthday week! I say that every year, but every year we surround ourselves with friends + family who love us so well.

Sunday (his actual birthday) started off at church with the cousins for Teagan’s baptism. (I’m working on a separate post on that – I’ll share those pics later).

It was the perfect way to kick off the celebrations.

CJ, Deb, Ally + Jacks met us for dinner at Fuddruckers. Ya know, ‘cause JP likes to order their footlong hot dog, take two bites, and throw the rest out. 🙄 A good time was had by all. Also. Don’t throw the hot dog out – at least eat the bread!

Monday night, Gail + Mike made shrimp, chicken, and steak kabobs because once upon a time JP ate steak and everyone was so proud! That and the adults love to eat all things from the grill. Even tho I’m not eating much meat, I made an exception for these! 🤤

I love how our people love on and care for our boys. It takes a literal village. We are so blessed to have them as part of ours.

We partied Sunday night, Monday night, and here we are at Dave & Busters on Tuesday.

If you guys are impressed with my hair + interested in what shampoo I use, it’s called, I Can’t Remember the Last Time I Washed My Hair.
I ordered the Kale Caesar salad. It was huge and flavorful. I’d definitely order again.

Thank you to everyone who called, sent texts, FaceTimed to wish this guy a happy day!

Time flies!

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