Nature Therapy + Our Fall Field Trip Bucket List

The temperatures dropped. Hitting the trails was # 1 on our To Do List last week.

I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for this.

Anyone else tired of sweating + not being able to breathe in the 1,000% humidity? Seriously. Hurry up Fall!!

Studying the tree roots so he can write in his nature journal at home.
JP keeps a photo journal – he takes more photos than I do!

We love getting lost in the woods at Paris Mountain State Park. Both Mountain Creek + Lake Placid trails are super easy and enjoyable for everyone.

PSA: the bridge at the dam (or the dam bridge 😆) has been refurbished and looks great!

These guys can always be found by the water.
That natural lighting… 😍
Have you ever seen a lizard this small? No worries, the little guy was returned safely to his tree.

I have no idea if these temps are here to stay, but go ahead and sign us up for alllll the outdoor adventures!


Carl Sandburg Home. I heard through the social media grapevine that the gate to the goats is officially open. I’ve not told JP – he’ll pass out! The home is a very short drive from Greenville + the grounds are breathtaking. Plus, pick up a bottled Coke from the Wrinkled Egg on the way out! 😍

Pisgah National Forest. The trails. The waterfalls. The tallest trees I’ve ever seen. Need I say more?

Chimney Rock. Gem mining, here we come!

Sky Top Apple Orchard. Is it even Fall if you’ve not been apple picking? Oh, and helloooo apple cider slushees! 🍎🙌

Biltmore Estates. Probably the most important one. Our passes have been burning a hole in my purse. We basically visited the house once.😏 Covid hit shortly after and life went down hill from there. The many trails, gardens, restaurants, and shops are calling my name!!

These are only a few things I’m looking forward to experiencing over the next few months!

Happy Labor Day, y’all!

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