Happiest Labor Day

My only desire for Labor Day was to stay in bed and binge watch Netflix.

“I can’t wait to watch movies all day,” were my exact words to Jack over bagels + eggs.

That didn’t happen. For me OR Jack. 😆

Like I said in my previous post, the temperatures have dropped, and there’s been little humidity. I couldn’t in good conscience stay in the house.

Looking Glass Falls. Located in Pisgah National Forest, roughly 1.5 hours from Greenville. (The last time we were here, it was completely frozen).

I love days like this. No agenda, no real direction. Just a tank full of gas + a cooler full of snacks.

Before heading to these particular falls, you need to know that there is a significant amount of damage from the last flood.

Park on the side of the road and experience the magic from afar, but leave your water shoes in the trunk. The steps are completely blocked off – you can’t get anywhere near the water. (For the record, it’s still worth the drive. Especially if you’ve never been).

It was almost the end of the world for these two rock hoppers. Thankfully, we found a fun little spot on the way out.

Yes, they’re fully dressed. We never plan to get wet, but I leave the house prepared for every scenario. 🙄

We stopped by a roadside gem mine on the way home.

Monday was pretty perfect.

As the world continues to spin out of control, we have the power to control how we respond to our circumstances.

Choose to go outside. Choose to take a hike. Choose to play on the beach. Choose to eat outdoors. Choose to lay on blanket in the yard. Choose to chase waterfalls. Choose to disappear into the pages of a book. Choose to laugh. Choose to love your people.

Choose to trust God.

Choose to live.

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