Harbor Tour + Walking Graveyard Tour w/ Bulldog Tours

Friday was good. Really good. My kind of day.

We were so excited to partner with Bulldog Tours for a little history + “otherworldly” entertainment!

I highly recommend the Harbor tour. Relaxing + peaceful comes to mind. The weather was overcast, with a salty breeze. I was in literal heaven on the water.

Between homeschooling and my research, I was familiar with most of the history. I did find it fascinating that Reese Witherspoon bought a house on Sullivans Island after her divorce. I didn’t know that.

Now it’s my favorite island for a whole new reason!

South Carolina Aquarium 🐠 You don’t get this view with the price of admission!

Our ghost tour started at 7:30 downtown. I’m not going to tell you the stories we heard. You need to book the tour.

I do want to share the photos…

We could not have ordered better weather. The clouds painted an eerie backdrop.
St. Philips Church
Circular Church
This grass is green for a reason. We’ll just leave it at that!
Poogan’s Porch is one of the most haunted places in town.
Notice there’s one shutter closed. There’s a reason. We’ll just leave it at that. 😳

Bulldog Tours is running the Harbor Tour + Ghost Tour Package – it’s well worth your time and money!

Pro Tip: Wear your walking shoes. The tour winds through several spirit-filled spots downtown. There is a significant amount of walking/standing involved. If you have issues with balance, consider carrying a walking stick or cane. The cemetery grounds are not even and it’s dark. My mom has a really bad knee and heart trouble, but had no problem whatsoever. Definitely don’t let it keep you from booking, but I do think it’s important to “know before you go.”

Our guide told lots of spooky stories. I am going to share my favorite one in this week’s newsletter. Be sure to sign up if you’ve not already.

We’re heading back to reality today. I hope you guys have had a great weekend!

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