National Hiking Day 2021

National Hiking Day was this week! The leaves were beautifully crunchy and the temps were just right.

Paris Mountain State Park seemed like the logical choice. Mainly because we can get there in under ten minutes. There are SO. MANY. TREES. and trails to choose from.

Pro Tip: Paris Mountain is my favorite if you have toddlers in tow.

Jackson was fascinated by the granddaddy long legs.
We played a game of Hide & Seek ~ Preston had an unfair advantage! 😆
Drop this kid off in the woods or on a mountain trail + you’ll be his BFF. There’s no place JP would rather be.


When I make posts, whether here or on social media, my most asked question is “I love watching your adventures, but when do the boys do school?”

Today, I thought I would include what I wrote down for them.

JP: Anatomy/Physiology/Kinesiology- which muscles did we use to climb the rocks? Where are they located + what are they called?

Science/Botany- what is moss? Its purpose? Where does it grow? He took a piece home and is trying to grow his own, recording his observations in a journal each day.

History – we read each sign in the park that tells the story behind each location. He learned about the type of water in the stream + what it was used for before Paris Mountain existed.

Preston: History – we’ve been reading about early Americans/Hunter & Gatherers. His project for the day was to build a bow and arrow out of natural resources. Science – he collected leaves of every color + we talked about why/how they change color + photosynthesis.

Jackson: Obviously we do not “do work” with him. Everything he learns is thru play and exploration (the big kids learn a lot that way too). On this particular hike, he practiced climbing and balancing on the rocks. He’s getting so much more confident. I’m constantly amazed at everything he retains just by listening to JP and Preston. He ended up carrying his own piece of moss home in a ziplock. He knows what it looks like, the color, and where it grows.

I saw a meme last week that said, “I don’t homeschool my children to do school at home with them, I homeschool my children to do life with them.” One thing I’m so grateful for, especially in this confusing/hard season of life, is having these boys home with me each day.

PSA: All South Carolina State Parks will be FREE the Friday after Thanksgiving! This is a FABULOUS deal for those who do not have a Park Passport. I still encourage you to order yours HERE ~ it’s the best investment!

I hope you have had a great week so far. We’re busy with laundry and getting packed up for our annual thanksgiving trip!

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