Thanksgiving Week Day 1

Waking up to a sunrise over the ocean will NEVER get old.

We made it down to the coast Saturday evening. I’m ecstatic to be here. My favorite week of the year.

Sunday morning, the boys and I went for a long walk on the beach. I thought I would share those pics. Less words, more views…

We introduced Jackson to Ocean Lakes. Of course he loved it. We played putt putt + spent too much money at the arcade. Is $20 for a bouncy ball the size of my pinky nail too much? Don’t ask where the ball is… we’ve already lost it.

I had big dreams for dinner. Nanny was making spaghetti. I bought a table cloth and candles so we could have a Pinterest worthy meal on the balcony at sunset!

Spinach fettuccine + tomato sauce. Don’t worry, this was my plate. We didn’t feed the kids “weird” noodles.

The food was great. My outdoor dining dream was a nightmare. Preston was too cold. Nanny ate inside with him. Jackson is scared of the ocean at night, so Allyson sat at the table with him. Laurie did humor me (she felt sorry for me). We didn’t even start cooking until about an hour after the sun set (why does it have to get dark at 5pm?!?!) and the wind kept blowing out my candles.

Oh well. It’s the thought that counts. Maybe next time.

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