Thanksgiving Week Day 2

I spy a little baby seagull! 🤍 The babies were everywhere and ADORABLE! I literally just now saw the little guy in this pic.

We’ve been taking morning walks. Jackson will say, “it’s time to exercise, Waggy?” (Waggy is what he calls me, btw. He refuses to call me Andy for some reason).

The sun didn’t come out today and the wind made it a little too chilly. We still spent as much time as possible outside.

We’re having such a relaxing – NON STRESSFUL – time! I really miss my boy tho. I’ll be ready to see him Wednesday (or tomorrow, by the time you read this).

Crab cake, scallops, shrimp, and rice.

Mom watched the kids so we could go out to dinner tonight. The company + atmosphere was on point, but I wasn’t 💯 thrilled with the food at Dead Dog Saloon in Murrells Inlet. I was there a couple of months ago and remembered really liking it. Not this time. The appetizers (hush puppies, crab dip + salads) were drool-worthy, but the entrees left a lot to be desired. I can’t say I wouldn’t give it another try – maybe during the summer when we can eat outside and enjoy the Marsh Walk views. Just don’t put it on the top of your list of places to eat while here.

To those of you who may be wondering, JP is doing just fine at home with his Papa. Better than just fine. With baseball, dad and Preston spend countless hours together. It’s been good for him and J to have alone time!

Just so you know, I am an eighty year old woman. It’s 8:50pm and I cannot wait to crawl into bed…

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