Thanksgiving Week Day 3

This is my last night here and I’m sad about it. (By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be on the road).

We’ve just walked on the beach every day. The End. It’s been glorious.

I want to cry for a couple of reasons. 1) I’m leaving half of my family behind. Remember how I’ve spent thanksgiving at the beach since I was a little girl? Well, I won’t be here for the actual meal at the campground this week. Cue the violin ‘cause it’s not easy. 2) I’m so relaxed and unbothered here. Waking up and walking beside the waves every morning agrees with me. Driving back to reality does not.

The good news is I get to see my kid. And I really miss my kid. I wish he was more of a beach guy. Actually it has more to do with not wanting to board the dogs. Leaving Charlie and Sampson behind causes JP serious anxiety. He doesn’t know this, but we’re gonna “practice” throughout the year, so by next thanksgiving he’s comfortable leaving. I’m gonna research and find a place that will allow them to stay together. We’ll let them spend the night a few times during the year so JP can see that they’re FINE! They will be fine. Charlie might think she’s dying, but she’s dramatic (and “depressed” according to the vet). As long as she’s with her brother, I won’t worry a bit.

This afternoon we went to Pawleys to introduce Allyson + Jackson to our favorite spot on planet Earth. The wind prevented us from spending too much time on the south end. I know that frostbite can’t be a thing when it’s fifty degrees, but could it be a thing? My fingers and toes think so.

We had dinner at the condo, which was nice after a long day of, umm, absolutely nothing.

Have I mentioned that I’m sleeping in the room with Jackson, the curly-haired angel with long eyelashes who wakes up before 7am?


I’m off to bed.

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