Walking At Furman

I’ve been walking at Furman every day. On the weekends, I go close to sunset and it’s beautiful. During the week, I take the kids early in the morning. I obviously can’t walk as fast (or far) with them, but we do squeeze in a couple of miles. Jackson and his little legs surprise me!

He sleeps in Bubby’s shirts and refuses to take them off! 😆 Hence, it looks like he’s wearing a skirt! Lol

You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone. We really missed this place when it closed during the pandemic.

These pics are out of order and all over the place.

I’ve not shared much about my health journey. Mainly because when have I ever stuck with anything? This time is different. My body hasn’t left me with much of a choice.

Anyone else in the room with IBS? I’ve had issues most of my adult life. Once I hit pre-menopause, the game drastically changed. Foods I used to eat no longer digest the same.

I’m not a fan of taking medicines (if there’s another alternative) so I began researching ways to naturally manage my symptoms.

Eating clean and exercise has been the magic concoction ~ SHOCKER!

Here’s a short list of what works for me:

  • I do not eat fried foods. Ever.
  • I stay away from (most) dairy.
  • I rarely eat meat.
  • No processed foods.
  • Lots of fruits + veggies.
  • Lots of water. (Clean/purified water)

I drink a glass of sweet tea and eat an omelette with meat and a bagel every Friday at Stax. On Sundays, I eat a veggie quesadilla from Monterrey. These are my only exceptions.

This is all common sense, but I’ve spent my entire life doing the exact opposite. No wonder I have digestive issues!

I realize this may have been TMI for some of you. It’s become such a huge part of my life, it’s kinda hard not to write about it.

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