Greenville’s Poinsettia Christmas Parade

Saturday night we attended Greenville’s Poinsettia Christmas Parade.

There were a gazillion people! The parade didn’t begin till six, but the streets were PACKED at 4:15. Probably even before. I had to be there at 4:30 and had trouble finding a place to park. Pro tip: if you plan to enjoy the parade (or any other event) in downtown Greenville, do not wait till the last minute to leave your house! You’ll be sorry.

I’m always thankful for the garages until it’s time to exit. 😩

Preston + his plate of sweets.

We sat in the VIP section, and I was very thankful for front row seats + a delicious food spread! Thank you Greenville!

The atmosphere was electric – different than years past. People showed up to CELEBRATE and it’s about dang time!

Most of my content was videos, so I don’t have a ton of photos to share. The boys had a blast. Even JP laughed and talked the whole time while taking photos with his iPad. After it was over, we tried to make our way to the car. The crowd was like Fall For Greenville times four million. I looked around and couldn’t get over it. Not the number of people, but the festive feel. I didn’t see one fight, one argument, one frown. Just good people, loving families, and friends coming together to enjoy life!

If happiness was an event, it would have been this year’s Poinsettia Parade.

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