A Walk In The Park

Paris Mountain State Park, that is…

These trails never get old. Mom even joined us on this one. If Jackson walks it, I should be fine! She said. He’s a little trooper when it comes to hiking.

Gone are the days when I spend money on walking sticks. They pick up the real thing every time we go! You would not believe the amount of sticks I have in the car AND at the house.
JP’s new obsession is moss. He’s explaining to Jackson what it is and how it grows. Science 101. I love hiking with JP and Preston. They do all the teaching – I’m constantly amazed at what they know. And how much I’ve forgotten.
This is one tired (and thirsty) baby!

The following pics are from our trip around the lake on another day. I’m telling you, we LOVE this park!

This time, we carried a professional photographer with us…

Love this reflection.

On the way to the trail, Preston asked us what we would want Heaven to be like if we could choose. I, of course, said it would be one big beach where I could look at the ocean all day. JP said, “this.

I will choose the beach over the mountains every time (so will Preston), but there is something magical about walking through the woods. Maybe it’s the feeling that you’re a thousand miles away from every day life. Who doesn’t wanna be a thousand miles away from the every day?

Today (and every day) I’m grateful for these walks.

Are y’all ready for Christmas? I’m ready in spirit but I’ve not bought THE FIRST gift. I might have mastered gratefulness, but procrastination still reigns supreme.

My last two newsletters had a bunch of fun facts + weird Christmas traditions I found interesting. Be sure and read Part One and Part Two.

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