Christmas Recap + Happy 2022

No part of me can believe it is January 2022. Christmas was a bit of a blur. Who’s that cartoon character that spins around really fast, leaving dust and debris in his wake? I can’t think of his name. That’s what Christmas felt like this year.

Being with the cousins reminds me of what an amazing family I have.
The twins

We made and decorated cookies with our besties.

Preston quite literally loves Jackson to death. Why the chokehold?!?

Due to sickness, we weren’t able to celebrate with my dad’s side of the family. That was unfortunate + we’re all still sad. 😭

Do not fear. Jackson got all the gifts and is still spoiled. 🥰 We’ve not seen him in almost two weeks = currently dying.
JP went on the winter retreat with his group from church. I’m still in shock. I wrote more on that in this week’s newsletter.

I didn’t make “resolutions” this year. That word triggers my procrastination. Instead, I’ll share a few memes that hit my soul.

I will continue to make a big deal out of the not-so-big things – taking advantage of every day. I will be intentional about thanking God for everything He’s given me.
By my birthday (September) I would like to be in shape. I joined a gym close to my house. Bad knees, arthritis + heart disease run in my family – I’m gonna do my best to (literally) run in the other direction.
The world is crazy. Find joy anyway.
This one is probably my number one. Our kids are faced with battles we didn’t have to fight when we were young. I (along with the other adults in my house) want to be their safe place.
And a heaping helping of God’s grace.
I put the finishing touches on my very first children’s manuscript + will be emailing my query letter this week. I’d appreciate your prayers! It might not work out, but it has definitely been an adventure.

Did you set goals for 2022? Please share!

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