1st Day Hike, Fire Tower Trail, & How I’m Staying Well

If this isn’t a hodgepodge post, I don’t know what is. Now that I’m using this blog as a journal, you’re gonna get more of our everyday shenanigans.

One goal I want to meet in 2022 is to hike new and different trails with the kids. I’m famous for doing the same ones over and over. Those who are familiar with my Netflix habits aren’t surprised. I’m sure there’s a psychological aspect to it. Maybe it’s a comfort thing?

Whatever it is, I’m gonna try hard to break free! With trails, not the shows!

With that in mind, Preston and I hiked three new trails at Paris Mountain this week. Mountain Lake, Sulpher Springs + Fire Tower Trails. We didn’t hike the ENTIRE thing ~ the last two were sort of fused together. Our goal was to get to Fire Tower. It just sounded cool.

Mountain Lake is beautiful but super duper short. Like, my mom would even roll her eyes kind of short.

I didn’t know there was another dam at Paris Mountain. It’s beautiful too. There’s a clear trail down to the bottom that’s safe for everyone.

Our only complaint about the Mountain Lake trail is that it’s too short. Just know before ya go! You’ll definitely want to tack it on to another hike.

I didn’t take as many pictures on the other trails. 1) I was trying to actually live in the moment, and 2) I was out of breath most of the time. 😆

We made it to the fire tower!
Preston says this was his “first adult hike!” 🤣 I thought I was gonna have to carry him back to the car!

I just realized I’m sharing these out of order. Sorry about that.

South Carolina State Parks had a First Day Hike challenge on their social media channels. Naturally, we had to take part! So, January 1st (after everyone drug themselves out of bed) we took to the woods in Table Rock State Park.

It wasn’t cold, but it POURED down rain for the majority of the hike. Honestly, it made it more fun!

JP made friends with a baby Yellow Belly snake! His mama did NOT.
Farver Farms sent us these to-go packs of lentil snacks ~ they’re SO YUM + healthy! 📷: Preston’s favorite flavor, Dill Pickle.

I hope everyone is staying well during this drastic change in weather (and COVID) season! The day we went to hike this trail, it was seventy three degrees! Today it didn’t get out of the fifties. (Feels like twenty to me!)

This is one recipe I’m using to keep my immune system boosted. Peeled garlic cloves + honey. I kept it in the refrigerator for about a week before taking it for the first time. It tastes like death, but seems to do the trick. Pro Tip: it helps to hold your nose when you swallow it!

When we came home from the beach a few weeks ago, I felt like I was getting a sinus infection. I took a TBSP every morning and night for a few days and my symptoms disappeared.

Speaking of health, I took a kickboxing class last week and wrote about my experience in this week’s newsletter. (I’m rolling my eyes too!)

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