The Dogs

I’ve not written about the dogs in a long time. This is Sampson. The boy. Charlie didn’t want to sit for pictures. 😆

My, how they’ve grown. I shouldn’t have a favorite, but Sampson has the best personality. Well, if he likes you…

It takes him a minute (or sixty) to warm up to strangers. He takes his job as guard dog seriously. Nanny is his favorite for some reason. She doesn’t do anything for him. He’ll even choose her over me – and I do everything for him! So what if she talks to him in a baby voice and scratches his head for hours on the couch. 🙄

When he sits beside you on the couch, he holds your hand. If you don’t believe me…

He wouldn’t let me move my hand.

Charlie is a sweetheart too. She’s actually the love bug. She’d be happy to stay inside 24/7 and lounge around with her humans. Sampson is happiest outside. Both dogs eat well – no people food. They have zero idea what to do with it.

Charlie is over-the-top dramatic and jealous. We keep them in separate rooms when they’re in the house with us. Charlie will not let Sampson near us without trying to pick a fight. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. She would never hurt him, but it’s sooooo annoying. They have to take turns in the living room. It’s ridiculous.

I hit up GOOGLE to research the different personalities of male and female shepherds. Experts say that males are typically territorial over their space, while females are territorial over their people. Don’t misunderstand – Sampson would take the limb of an intruder or someone who was a threat, but this makes total sense. Charlie is DEFINITELY a little (a lot) crazy about us.

I realize you guys may not – probably don’t – care. 😆 I found it enlightening.

Happy weekend!

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