Roper Mountain Science Center

JP asks to go to Roper Mountain Science Center all the time. As a homeschooling parent, and teacher, I’m ashamed to admit that we never go. I don’t have a reason. I know how great it is. We’re quick to hop in the car and leave town to explore and experience different places, neglecting the spots right under our nose. Roper Mountain is one of those spots we’ve neglected.

Part of JP’s Christmas this year was a yearly membership! 👏👏👏

JP was excited about this display ~ I’m giving him a Botony credit this year. He’s growing moss + plants in a terrarium. He reads and researches everything and keeps a journal of the progress. RMSC is PERFECT for him!
Greenville Water System has a very large exhibit downstairs. Preston took multiple quizzes on the large touch screens.
Jackson was excited to walk the Dino trail! (I was too!)

There is a scavenger hunt we’ll do next time – I didn’t see it until we were leaving.

Wildwood is a play area right in the middle of the woods – there’s no place in the world JP would rather be.

If… no, when you join, be sure to sign up for the Nature Exchange Program. You know those free little libraries all over town? The ones where you leave/take a book? It’s just like that, only with treasures you collect in nature. JP found these items on the nature trail and turned them in for points. Jackson turned his sticks + rocks in for two sea shells.

Preston’s studying ecosystems this year. Here, he and Jackson are looking for fish in the pond.
No fish were harmed in the making of this photo.

During the warmer months, there’s a farm, petting area, and the butterfly garden is gorgeous! I can’t wait for summer. Have you been to Starry Nights? It’s magical. You are encouraged to call ahead for seating because the tickets sell out fast!

Before we even pulled out of the parking lot, they were asking when we could come back.

Click here to grab your membership! Maybe we’ll meet ya there!

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