Let’s Get Comfy

Who’s heard of The Comfy? Preston definitely has. We rarely see him in actual clothes anymore, so I asked him to write the review:

“I like The Comfy because in the morning, when I’m cold, instead of getting dressed, I can just slip it on. It’s better than a blanket because you have arms to do stuff and it covers your whole body. The inside is wool so you get warm quick. It feels like a big, warm, cozy hug.

You have colors to choose from and you get different characters. I got Spider-Man. If you are an adult you can get solid colors like grey, black, white, and other stuff.

That’s my review of The Comfy.

Thank you Preston!

I can tell you that The Comfy is super soft! I think I need to order one for myself – all the comforts of a blanket with the freedom of a sweater! The only time Preston takes it off is when he leaves the house. Oh, and when he rides his hoverboard because that’s an accident waiting to happen!

You can order yours HERE!

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