Fall In Love With Greenville|Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum

I’m not going to write much here. I’m sharing a full Joe Jackson story in this week’s newsletter. Click here to read.

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of touring the new + improved museum with Executive Director, Dan Wallach! Preston and I visited the museum at its previous location (like four inches down the road from this spot) and loved it. I had no idea the doors had reopened to the public.

I’m here to let you know IT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! (Even tomorrow, President’s Day!) Lots of construction is going on, so check out the museum website for detailed parking tips.

You don’t have to love baseball to love Joe Jackson. It’s a big deal, y’all, that one of the sport’s biggest icons has roots in Greenville. In fact, his roots are less than five miles from my house! I drive across his stomping grounds daily.

Fun Fact: Preston may be related to Ty Cobb (pictured left) through his dad’s side of the family. I’m working on that connection. Stay tuned.
The museum/ baseball library is Joe’s actual home.

Joe and his wife, Katie, bought his parents a home in the West End. I can’t help but wonder if the current owners are aware of how special their spot is?

I had so much fun on this tour. I know the other journalists were just as captivated by the stories. Have they harassed the museum every day since we left? Probably not.

Sorry Dan. You’ve created a monster!

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