Fall In Love With Greenville|Croissant Making

This week I was invited to participate in a unique press tour. Visit Greenville invited a handful of local journalists to “experience” Greenville like out of town media. Basically, they put us up at the Hyatt + Westin hotels for two nights, created a (packed) itinerary, and showed us how they market the city to their out of town guests.

What a treat! You know I’m always in line for a good hotel stay.

Hyatt Regency Greenville

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency. My suite was huge. I’m happy to report I slept like a baby in the big, soft king bed. All by myself. No kids! No dogs! Just me! Praise be.

Breakfast at Roost inside the hotel.

One of the perks for staying at the Hyatt is eating meals at Roost restaurant – something to keep in mind when booking a trip. They have a breakfast buffet. On the bar you’ll find eggs (scrambled + boiled), yogurt, fruit, biscuits, bacon, sausage, gravy, etc. I chose to special order a vegetable omelette.

There’s absolutely no way I can write about my week in one post. I’m breaking it down into… well, I’ve not decided how many.

Today I’m going to share our experience with Chef Vincent Caradonna at Le Petite Croissant on Main. First of all, have you been? If your answer is ‘no,’ you really should. The sweet aroma of the store is worth your time.

Chef Vincent

Our class made baguettes + their famous croissants.

This picture might not scare most, but it intimidated the heck outta me.

I barely (never) darken the door of a kitchen, and have never touched these ingredients. He had to tell me what they were – I’m not even kidding. Im familiar with flour but that’s it.

Before we began, he spent time teaching us about each ingredient. I learned so much. Unfortunately, I learned how much butter goes into each recipe. PRO TIP: turn your head and don’t look – ignorance is bliss.

Like any good teacher, he modeled what to do.

Did someone say model? Because yes he did look like a model, but that’s beside the point. Definitely do not book a class just to listen to him speak in a French accent. That would be lame.

These were mine. Hello! They look pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

*Ahem* Tell me you missed your calling as a baker without telling me you missed your calling as a baker.

I was proud of myself. I’m sure Vincent was too. I mean, he didn’t say those actual words, but he did thank me for coming. That’s pretty much the same thing, right?!

Here’s your homework: 1) Visit Le Petite if you haven’t already. Throw a couple of chocolate croissants in your bag. You’ll thank me later. 2) Book a class! Click here to view their calendar.

When I first read over our itinerary, I flagged the cooking classes as my least favorite events. I wasn’t looking forward to them. Guess what?! This class turned out to be one of my favorite things! Wanna know something else? I didn’t get to eat any of it! The bread is so fresh, (unlike what we buy in stores), they go bad after two days unless you freeze them. I called mom and arranged for her to swing by my room the next morning to rescue my masterpieces. When I got home Thursday, my croissants and baguettes had mysteriously disappeared.

I wasn’t mad for two reasons. 1) Clearly I did a superb job, and 2) maybe this means I should take the class again to make more.

Who knows. I may even apply for a job!

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