A Pretty Day At A Pretty Place

The temperatures are in the sixties this week and I’m here for it! We’ve not been able to be out and about as much as I’d like because of the paint debacle taking place in our house. More on that in a future post.

Monday we DID get out for a drive up the mountain. This was Jackson’s first time at Caesar’s Head + Pretty Place.

That hair. He says he’s ready to cut it off. Both JP and Preston look like sheep dogs. 🤪
Why look at the breathtaking scenery when you can try and catch lizards.
Snack time w/ Farver Farms

I’ve not been successful at rubbing off on the boys when it comes to “clean” eating, BUT, they do love Lentil Crunchers from Farver Farms. Well, Preston + Jackson love them. We’re still working on JP. To be fair, we’re still working on JP with a lot of food.

We love the BBQ ones most. I feel like I’m cheating when I eat them. If I was on the advertising/marketing team for this snack I would describe them as, “crunchy without the calories!”

What do ya say, FF, wanna hire us?!?

Lentil Crunchers are only available online right now. Click here to place your order.

Can you imagine seeing this view for the first time through little eyes?!
Jackson had to take a turn, although I’m pretty sure he couldn’t actually see anything. Next time we’ll be sure to pack his binoculars.
Devil’s Kitchen
He tries so hard to keel up with the boys. Makes for a great nap time! 😉
Note to self: it’s time to renew our Park Passport! 😳

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