Fall In Love With Greenville|Unity Park

I have really enjoyed writing this series. Judging by the feedback, y’all have too! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to share our adventures, especially those around Greenville. I truly love this city ~ telling stories about it brings me so much joy.

📷: Michael Kelly, GVLDaily

While discovering my hidden talent for baking was my number one favorite, touring the construction of Unity Park was a close second. The first phase is scheduled to open at the end of May and I can hardly contain my excitement.

📷: Michael Kelly, GVLDaily

Honestly, I’m having trouble coming up with words. The splash pad alone is reason for you to lose sleep at night. Sorta like Christmas Eve! As much as we love the splash area in Fountain Inn, I’m looking forward to not having to leave town to play.

This entire concrete slab is the splash pad. The picture doesn’t do it justice. There will be a spot for toddlers where the water will spray out very low to the ground. The contractor said the other side will likely “shoot the older kids through the air!” Don’t panic, he was joking!
I think.

The Welcome Center is huge, with plenty of bathrooms + rental space. There’s even a lactation room for moms.

The Synnex and Donovan playgrounds will provide a much needed respite. Trust me, the kids will not get bored! Wanna know a secret? I’m actually a tiny bit (a lot) excited. I plan on channeling my inner child!

The Ann Watson Trotter Memorial Garden will have swings, a climbing wall, and a natural play area. This part is my favorite.

There’s much more to the project than what I’m sharing. I encourage you to visit the Unity Park website. You can read the whole design plan and breakdown of the area.

The city has a Tree Management Plan that I found very interesting. Nature lovers, please read – you will be pleasantly surprised at the care and concern that went into the planning. I was happy to learn the unique ways they recycled the trees that had to be cut.

Thank you, City of Greenville and Angie Prosser for the tour. This mama CANNOT WAIT for the opening – it is sure to be GRAND!

* Thank you GVLDaily for sharing your breathtaking aerial photography! Be sure to give Michael a follow on social media*

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