Peace Center|Hamilton

I have been staring at my cursor for ten straight minutes. There are no words to describe how excited I was to see this show.

But first, can we talk about how I teared up being back at the Peace Center? I’m not even being dramatic. It’s been TWO YEARS! It felt so good. So comfortable. Like home. Judging by the smiles and warm greetings from the staff, they were happy to see me too! (😂 Let me think whatever makes me feel good!)

Hamilton was EVERYTHING I hoped for and much more. The cast was ELECTRIC, and the music gave me chills! You know when you’re watching a show or movie and realize halfway thru that you’re smiling at the TV? That was me the entire three hours. I didn’t realize we were there for that long until I got in the car and looked at my phone. Time stood still. Phenomenal was the word I used on social media. From costumes to the set design, all of it dripped absolute perfection.

My only concern, if you want to call it that, was the bathroom situation. We were given a fifteen minute intermission. When four million women go to the bathroom simultaneously, that’s just not enough time. While the women’s line stretched to Spartanburg, the men’s room was empty. I don’t know the solution. Maybe we could open all restrooms for everyone? Do away with men/women and keep stalls for privacy. For those who may be uncomfortable with that scenario, there are “Family” restrooms available.

At the end of the day, just lay off the water and find the facilities before the show starts and all should be fine!

Here’s the Broadway line up! I want to see them ALL. I would trade one (or more) of the children to see Wicked, Beetlejuice, and To Kill A Mockingbird.

Tell me why you love the Peace Center and which one is your favorite show!

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  1. I have bought the Broadway series for many years there . I love live performances and the Plays never disappoint . The Talent of the performers is amazing . Having a nice dinner with Friends and then the Play is such a lovely evening .


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