Hello From The Road|Ft. Lauderdale, Fla

Ignore the title. I’m no longer on the road. Allow me to rephrase that. Thank God I’m no longer on the road! Have you even lived (or died) if you’ve not driven ten hours in a car with a toddler? (I’m being dramatic, he was actually pretty amazing!)

Allyson had to attend a work conference in Fort Lauderdale last week. Jackson and I got to take advantage of the resort amenities for a few days.

Everything about it reminded me of a cruise ship. (I miss cruising so much, but that’s another story). Like home, the temperatures were wicked and the humidity suffocating. Ergo, if we were outside, we were in the water.

Our Funkins lunch bag came in handy at the pool! The handles were the perfect size for Jackson’s hands, and the zipper was easy to maneuver. There’s even an inside pocket that held my phone perfectly. The cool drinks and insulation kept it from overheating. Not its’ purpose, but if it works…

We LOVE Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🐛

Funkins also hooked us up with Hungry Caterpillar dishes + cutlery. Can’t wait to use them on a picnic in Unity Park! Stay tuned…

Before Florida, Jackson was intimidated and held on for dear life in the pool. That lasted all of twenty minutes there. Now, we’re not even allowed to touch him!

This meal was nice, but not just because of the Grouper. I got to engage in adult conversation, a rarity these days. Jackson was a rock star. The table next to us even commented. We were feeling pretty good about our child-rearing skills until he declared how much he loved the song, “Soldier Boy.” Fun while it lasted (all 2 seconds).

I enjoy experiencing new places, but it feels so good to be home and back in our normal routine.

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