Brooks & Dunn Reboot Tour

Brooks & Dunn Boot, Scoot, and Boogied their way to The Well last weekend. You know we showed up! We’ve seen them two other times. Thirty something years ago, but who’s counting? Third time was definitely the charm!

Say hello to my oldest friend, Heather. Well, she doesn’t like it when I call us old. I’ve known her the longest, how about that. We met when I was ELEVEN years old. I’ll save the story of how we met for another day. Our love for country music carried us to many concerts. Too many to count.

Brooks & Dunn being one of our all-time favorites!

Our seats were AMAZING! This was my first time sitting on the floor. Did you know they stamp your hand when you have floor seats? Like you’re in a secret club or something. I felt special.

I was AMAZED at these two almost seventy year old performers. The whole band was bouncing around the stage playing and singing like they were in a college bar. Meanwhile, forty-four year old Andrea was praying her back didn’t lock up from standing so long. Not even joking, I actually whispered a prayer. I finally gave in and sat for a minute or thirty at the end. No one noticed tho. The entire building was partying like it was 1999.

Every single chord was perfection. My heart belongs to Neon Moon and it did not disappoint! I just wish I’d had someone to dance with. Speaking of, there was a group in front of us who drunk danced the whole time. I probably could have recruited one of them, but it was much more fun watching (and filming) their shenanigans.

Brooks & Dunn brought down the house in the best way. It’s as if they knew how badly I needed a night of loud music and laughter!

Made In America finale 🇺🇸

Shout out to the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. They employ THE NICEST, most helpful attendants. Someone directionally challenged (not saying that’s me, but…) doesn’t have to worry about finding their seats or food or bathrooms or anything for that matter. The smiling faces dressed in blue are eager to guide you. I felt like I was at Chick-Fil-A. They didn’t say it was their pleasure, I could just tell.

Cassie (Heather’s daughter on the right) and her friend, McCain, allowed us to hang out with them for the night.

Before the concert I did a little photo shoot with the cowgirl Barbies…

Need to press the replay button on this night. Just what my soul needed.

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