Dinosaurs: Land of Fire & Ice

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire & Ice is at the Upcountry History Museum through January 22, 2023. Jackson had been BEGGING to go for weeks. We finally found a time to go. Like with everything else they do, it was exceptional!

Pick up a scavenger hunt at the front desk before heading to the exhibit. One side is full of Dinos + the other is construction vehicles. Visitors search throughout the museum for each item, checking them off for a prize at the end! I may or may not have had trouble finding all of them. Thankfully, the 2yr old and 11 yr old were there to help me!

Dress up as your favorite dinosaur 🦕

We went on a day when papa could join us for the Vietnam exhibit.

Papa telling us where he was stationed

Vietnam: The Real War is no longer at the museum. I’m so thankful we didn’t miss it. Walking through with dad was emotional. Many of the images were disturbing (they issue a warning upon arrival). I cannot imagine how it made dad feel. Of course, he didn’t say.

Check out the Upcountry History Museum website to stay updated with their programs + exhibits!

We LOVE our friends at the museum and look forward to lots of learning opportunities this school year!

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