Hello From The Road|Alpharetta, GA

We work with a lot of PR companies. Our friends at Awesome Alpharetta are some of THE BEST! (I’m looking at you, Kendall Bagley!) They worked overtime to plan an exciting Mom’s Weekend Getaway itinerary for our new Greenville360 Travel Series.

We’ve included all the juicy details in the Greenville story. I’m not going to write a lot of words here today. A picture’s worth a thousand words anyway, right?

Big bag of goodies welcomed us to Alpharetta! The bag was my favorite goodie.
Heading out for our first night on the town…
Cafe Antico consistently voted “Best Pizza in Atlanta”
Perfect brick oven pizza.
Live music on the plaza lawn every Friday night.
This nightcap included Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée!
Hello Day ✌️
The downtown farmer’s market was an eclectic collection of absolutely anything you could imagine.
Couldn’t leave without grabbing a HOT little prize for Papa Jack and Preacher Mike… who thinks they’ll be able to handle it?
I could have spent days shopping downtown, but nanny was with me. Some of you understand what that means.
Brunch at The Nest Cafe!
It was an Almond Smoothie + Peach Tea kind of morning.
This homemade Caesar dressing is worth writing home about. Three days later and I’m still thinking about it.
Everything we ordered exceeded our expectations!
Perfect place to park for a while. This old house is so much more than a tasting room!
The menu at Food Terminal was pretty much a magazine with tons of photos! I was obsessed.
The dip that accompanied these skewers was hot peanut butter with a sprinkle of spice. SO good!
The Avalon community is a big part of what makes Awesome Alpharetta so awesome. FYI, all the parking garages are free!

I told you. Hardly any words. I’ll share the link to my Greenville story once it’s published. I’m sure it’ll have more words than you have time to read in one sitting.

As fun as it is to travel – and be kid free for a few days – it’s always nice to come home to our crazy family. We’ll begin the boys’ school year after Labor Day. That reminds me, I need to write an updated post with what our homeschool year is going to look like. It’s gonna be BUSY! We have a TON of projects + exciting partnerships on the horizon!

Thanks, again, Alpharetta, for EVERYTHING! I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

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