Hello From the Road|Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

A couple of years ago, we drove down the scenic road that leads to Magnolia Plantation & Gardens in Charleston. We didn’t have time to visit, but I knew I eventually wanted to spend a day there. It was beautiful, even from outside the gate.

Last weekend, we did just that. The scenery did not disappoint! There was a festival going on Saturday. Typically live music doesn’t accompany your stroll, but we lucked out!

It was the perfect fall day.

We stopped by the Peacock Cafe for a quick bite before hopping on a nature tour. Order the chicken salad on sourdough – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mom and I split the meal. Partly because we were not very hungry, and partly because it was $15. Remember, you’re paying for location & scenery. It was a beautiful picnic with plenty of shade.

Breast Cancer Awareness pumpkins

The nature tour is not included in the price of admission, but it’s only $10. IMO it’s worth it. A tram weaves you through the grounds while a tour guide shares the history (and more) of the property. I could kick myself for not getting the name of our guide. He looked (and sounded) just like the actor, Charlie Day. Go ahead and Google him. So funny!

The design team from the movie SHREK came to Audubon Swamp Garden for inspiration! I thought that was cool.

We had a list of places we needed to visit. Magnolia was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. We stayed longer than expected. The only other thing we had time for was the sunset.

Oh my! What a sunset…

With Preston’s baseball schedule, it’s been tricky trying to plan our travel. I really love these quick trips to the coast. His tournaments end after this month. I’m looking forward to having a lot more time on our hands!

I promise I’m working on an updated homeschool post for you guys. It won’t be your typical homeschool post though… stay tuned.

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