Thanksgiving Week Day Two

I wish I knew what he was thinking. It’s funny, he’s been so mellow. On the beach, he kept saying, “ I don’t really wanna do anything but sit here. It’s so beautiful.” 😆 Of course he ended up riding his boogie board and playing a round of corn hole.

He has really enjoyed the freedom that comes with staying in Ocean Lakes. It took about a day for him to get used to the fact that we let him go out on his own. The campground is super safe and guarded. He’s been leaving and riding his bike all over. He’s able to come and go as he pleases. Something he definitely isn’t allowed to do at home.

My favorite part of this week is not having one single plan. No commitments. Other than Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, we’ve had zero to do. We all know home isn’t like that at all. I’m soaking up every minute of it!

We have family here. Last night, we played putt-putt after dinner. It was just our group and the eighteen holes. Kate is four. Even tho I had THREE hole-in-ones, she beat everybody. By beat, I mean she’s so cute she gets to win – regardless of the score. I know I said we didn’t have plans, but I do have an appointment to play Candyland. I’m sure she’ll win that too! 😆

Here’s a pic of the outside of our house. I’ll share the inside tour in tomorrow’s post. It really has been perfect for the four of us.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, y’all!

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