Happy 2023

Hello and Happy New Year!!

I almost forgot to sit down and write this post. Is it really already January 9th?!? Not only does time literally fly, but my days are running together like never before.

I hope all of you had a GREAT Christmas & the New Year is off to a good start. Ours was pretty low key. Christmas Day was very different for me and JP.

J with his grandparents – Kim & Eddie, aka Gaga and Papaw. I cannot get enough of his smile in this photo. Genuine joy.
This is his dad, stepmom & stepsisters.

Life can be crazy and unpredictable. If you told me nine years ago that I would spend Christmas Day with my ex husband and his whole family, I would have called you crazy.

Backstory: JP had a full on panic attack in the road outside their house. He hyperventilated, which is something I’d never seen him do. It broke my heart.

Obviously leaving him WAS NOT an option. They invited me to stay, so I did. Ya know what? It was lovely. This was the first time Scott, his wife, his family, and I have all been together at the same time. It could not have gone better. JP sat in the living room with his cousin laughing and talking while the rest of us ate.

He ended up so happy and my heart ended up so full.

Little cousins
Big cousins

This was the first year we didn’t have plans Christmas Eve. We had Christmas with the extended families before the weekend. Both gatherings were wonderful and perfect, like always. Never any drama, just everybody catching up and enjoying each other’s company.

This was the only photo I took at the Cothran Family Christmas. We salivated over Wendell’s homemade baked spaghetti and “Oooh” and “Ahh’d” over everything Jackson did. (We might be guilty of spoiling him just a tiny bit).

We had our first annual “Framily” Christmas Dinner with Heather, Cassie, and Jane. Jack discovered he likes Taziki’s on Pelham Road.

NYE ‘22 @ Tipsy Taco

We met for tacos on New Year’s Eve, then went back to the house for games. The kids were too loud and I was grumpy the whole time. Aka, I’m too old to celebrate NYE.

That pretty much sums up our holiday. 2023 is off to a busy start!

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