Hello From The Road|Charleston SC

Hello from the Holy City!

I’m not going to write a bunch of words. 1) We’ve been going since six thirty this morning – I’m too tired to write, and 2) my editor didn’t travel with me this time – I don’t trust myself to write without her! 😆 She’ll cringe at this paragraph. She says I shouldn’t write the way I talk. Sorry, mom.

Don’t let the beautiful blue skies fool you. It’s four bazillion degrees below zero. I kept my scarf on all day. 🥶

Dock Street Theater
Love, love, love this place!

Today’s itinerary included the Old Slave Mart Museum, Gibbs Museum of Art, BeachWalker Park, and the Charleston Tea Garden.

Enjoy isn’t an appropriate word, but I learned a lot at each spot. You can’t enjoy reading stories from inside the slave museum. (We’ll dive into that another time).

I WILL NOT be rising with the sun tomorrow! Stay tuned for more…

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