Preston Turned 12

Preston turned twelve on March 28! I’m still in shock. Sounds cheesy to say that time flies, but it really does. His birthday falls smack in the middle of baseball season. Finding a weekend to celebrate is next to impossible. This year, we took him and a couple of his baseball friends to Atlanta for the day. They wanted to visit the Better Baseball Store – Preston’s gift was a new bat!

I don’t know if I told you guys, but JP’s dad got a job with the Atlanta Braves. We were able to surprise the boys with a tour of Truist Park!

We ate at Walburgers in Battery Park. The whole group gave it 👍👍. JP even ate the chicken fingers. The price wasn’t outrageous and the atmosphere was fun!
JP got a new hoodie & the baseball boys got new hats

The trip was a MAJOR (League) success!

We also celebrated with family & friends throughout the week.

Preston had to party with his ninety six year old best friend

Happy 12th Birthday, Preston! You’re a gift to this family.

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