Friday’s Favorite: Hoodies from Old Navy













IMG_20170419_190435Yes, I realize this is not a clothing blog.  Having said that, Old Navy is such a big part of our world, I can’t help but write about them occassionally. Before one of our recent road trips, my sister and I stopped in ON for a couple of things.  And we all know how that goes, right?  A “couple of things” turned into a buy-one-of-every-hoodie-in-the-store kind of thing.  I couldn’t help myself.  Have you seen the hoodies?  Hello BEACH. 

When JP was little, I bought almost all of his clothes at Goodwill (#sorrynotsorry).  Now that he’s older, it’s much harder to find stuff for him there – even at the good ones, like on Woodruff road.

Enter Old Navy.  He’s finally at the age where I can shop for him on the adult side of the store.  I HAD to buy him a size small Pacifica hoodie.  Really, I did.  One of the associates threatened me and everything, can you believe that?   At least I’m not one of those people who leaves the store $200 later without what they originally went in for… yeah, at least I’m not that girl.

The moral of this story is, visit your local Old Navy and check out their hoodie selection before summer arrives.  They are the perfect addition to your closet for those cool summer evenings around town or on the coast.  

Oh, and another moral of this story is,  JP’s smile makes my world go ’round. 

Having said that, I might be a little excited about an (almost) child-free weekend.  Hope you guys have a good one!







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