Be Still My Heart|A Total Eclipse


IMG_4964If I’m being honest, all the Eclipse hype was beginning to get on my nerves. Just a little. Don’t get me wrong, I was looking forward to it, I just really underestimated how it would affect me. Emotionally and Spiritually.

I didn’t take pictures of the actual event. We weren’t supposed to, right? I know I read somewhere that you had to have special equipment to photograph the Eclipse. Yet, as I scroll through social media, I am seeing TONS of amazing pictures. <insert eye roll emoji here>  I wasn’t willing to risk something happening to my camera. I mean, the boys might stare at the sun by mistake, but if I messed up my phone…

Wait… I didn’t mean to type that out loud… forget I said that!











IMG_4961Someone PUH-lease tell me how you can witness an Eclipse and not believe in God?!? I have never been more thankful to know the One who set such a magnificent event in motion. 



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