Taco Tuesday Will Never Be The Same|Cantina76

IMG_6037Cantina76 has been on my list of places to visit FOREVER. 









IMG_6002Let me tell you, our experience DID NOT disappoint!

I’m gonna jump right in and share my pics of the food. Mainly because I want to look at them again and pretend I’m there. 


IMG_5997Our journey began with chips and salsa. My only regret was not ordering the trio of dipping sauces. What in the world was I thinking? Guacamole is one of my favorite things in life. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go back. 

Our server gave us a run down of the menu along with her suggestions for what to order.



IMG_6008Boy am I glad we listened to her – both entrees were DELICIOUS!

IMG_6013Mom ordered the famous Chimichanga with a side of beans slathered in Mexican Queso. This dish gave us allllll the feels (my mouth is actually watering right now). 

IMG_6018I ordered three tacos (Traditional, BBQ and Shrimp). Don’t judge me, the server TOLD ME TO! And while all three were superb, the Peruvian Shrimp Taco was worth waking up for. Go ahead and mark my words, I’ll be back SOON for another round of these. Who would have thought to add cole slaw to a shrimp taco?? I swear, I’m still dreaming of this meal. 






IMG_6021They twisted our arms and forced us to order a chocolate brownie with caramel and ice cream. We were 100% stuffed, but making room for this sweet treat was not hard. Plus, we weren’t given a choice, remember?! 

I have two goals for my next visit: 1) Order the trio of dipping sauces and 2) dine outside on their patio.

Cantina76  gets a big two thumbs up from me. If you don’t already have lunch plans, I suggest you head in that direction.

Maybe I’ll see you there?!





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