Travel Diaries: Eleuthera + A Cruise Update


This cruise was one of my favorites for a couple of reasons. 1) I had a new book to read and I COULD NOT WAIT to dive into the pages and 2) We were visiting an island we had never seen before. IMG_6395



IMG_6491I will never get tired of breathing in the open seas.

IMG_6404Sunsets are better in the middle of the ocean!




IMG_6426The sun was just coming up when we got to Eleuthera. There is no port so we tendered a smaller boat. I loved that part too – you’re closer to the water that way. 

IMG_6413The island is otherwise-known-as Princess Cays – pronounced ‘keys.’




IMG_6423Someone at work asked me how blue the water was. I had to tell them that it wasn’t blue at all! It was 100% CLEAR. I don’t think I’ve ever seen water this pretty.





IMG_6442There’s plenty of shopping right on the beach. You’ll also find a few local venders outside the gates with handmade items. If you choose to leave the area, make sure to have your passport and/or a picture ID ready – the police screen people as they are coming and going. Carnival does a big cookout with hot dogs, hamburgers and tons of other food. The food is free of charge, but you have to purchase your drinks, even if you have a soda card. 

IMG_6436I don’t know why, but the ride back to the ship was perfection for me.


IMG_6464You probably can’t read it, but this flotation device says, “Island Time.” 




IMG_6465Before I let you go, can we talk about breakfast for a minute?!

IMG_6475In the past, we’ve gotten out of bed early and rushed up to the deck for the (amazing) breakfast buffet. I’m not sure why or how it’s taken us this long to realize that the formal dining room serves a brunch until 1pm each sea day.

IMG_6474This is the perfect option for the lazy population, like us! This trip, we rolled outta bed somewhere in the neighborhood of 9:30-10:00am, threw on (what some might deem questionable) clothes and headed to a sit-down meal.




IMG_6470The options seemed endless. There was even dessert!


IMG_6477Given my love for breakfast food, you could say that I was in heaven every morning.

So, yeah. This trip was definitely a favorite. Oh, btw, I finished the book and it was UH-mazing! I’ll share pics and a review soon! 



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